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Hurom is the Global Leader in Slow & Cold Press Juicers having been involved in the manufacture of juicers since 1974. It currently holds patents and distribute its products into over 50 countries around the world. Hurom is at the forefront of a dietary culture and invests heavily in researching and developing products that maintain the nutrition in natural food. It never rests in this, always seeking ways to do things better and pioneer new markets by challenging the status quo.

Hurom's technology is recognized around the world as the most advanced method for extracting the best of health from nature. It aims to become a kitchen and home appliance company that truly thinks about people, enabling them to achieve healthier diets. Hurom will continue to do this while continuing to look after the interests of all its customers and business partners.

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A Word from Hurom's CEO/Inventor

The world changes at an increasing pace, but we have always kept one thought at the heart of our business:‘How can we help people be healthier?’ At Hurom, our philosophy is centered on bringing health and convenience to people. We develop technology that offers long term benefits rather than focusing on immediate gain. Since its founding, Hurom has pioneered new markets from the green juicer to garbage disposal, food processor and slow juicer.

We're recognised throughout the world for our commitment to innovation. However it's our commitment to helping people lead healthier lives that has always set us apart. It's been an exciting journey as we've grown, developing new products and improving existing technology. All along, our loyal customers have supported us. We thank you and will do everything we can to continue earning your trust.

Hurom's CEO/Inventor
Hurom's CEO/Inventor

Hurom Australia

Hurom has been selling Cold Press Juicers in Australia since 2009. Our Showroom and Service Centre is located in Morningside (Brisbane), and we ship many thousands of juicers to happy and health conscious Australians each year.

Hurom Cold Press Juicers are available to purchase nationally from David Jones, Harvey Norman, Myer and Hurom Online.

Hurom Australia
21/160 Lytton Road
Morningside, QLD 4170
Email: info@hurom.com.au


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